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We are working on bringing you the latest information regarding rent control and housing issues in Marin. As a group of Marin residents, housing providers and homeowners, we feel strongly about a fair approach to housing affordability that provides protections for homeowners, housing providers and renters.

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San Anselmo:

Multiple yards signs have been going up this month opposing extra rent control. Tuesday March 26, is the TC meeting enact the first part (‘Rent Stabilization’) of the Extra Rent Control Ordinance – ‘Just Cause’ part of the ordinances will happen in the following months. There is however a movement to stop this action by a citizens’s veto, a referendum. More information about how you can participate will be coming soon. Please check out our San Anselmo Page for more info

Fairfax: Click here to see our Fairfax site for new updates!

Keep Informed:
All mom & pop housing providers should keep up on the changing Cal rental laws. 
Daniel Bornstein, a SF real estate lawyer, has a great 1 hr presentation that summarizes important aspects of the new 2024 CA laws.  It is very worth your time. 

Also in November, there has qualified for the state ballot, an effort to repeal Costa-Hawkins – the regulation that exempts many types of mom & pop provided rental units from extra rent control.  Check out the info from this article about who is behind this repeal

And keep an eye out for our yard signs around Marin! Feel free to contact us if you want to help promote our message to help make Marin affordable and to receive a yard sign. in the Pacific Sun Newspaper and the Marin IJ

4/12/23. We had good coverage in the weekly Pacific Sun newspaper. The author also wrote another article re the history of the Fairfax rental ordinances.

4/10/2023. We also had some good coverage earlier in the week in the Marin IJ! Read the article here. After being misrepresented by an opinion columnist earlier, we are glad to see that our message of the need to get back to the existing, reasonable protections for homeowners, housing providers and renters (Cal AB 1482) is resonating with a broad audience.

Although the article was focused on our efforts in Fairfax, we are working with the residents of several towns in Marin, to help their town councils understand the negative, unintended consequences of extra rent control, and that Cal already has statewide rent control.

Because we are a residents-supported group, we are always in need of financial support to continue this outreach. We ask that if you understand how the extra rent control regulation will negatively affect homeowners, renters and housing providers in your town, that you support us in our efforts. Thank you for your support.

The Marin Residents PAC announces their education campaign to inform homeowners, housing providers and renters about some of the negative consequences of extra rent control. In April, the PAC started a TV, post card and yard sign campaign throughout Marin. Our PAC will be airing countywide ad spots on Comcast and other services to help inform residents and policy makers regarding extra rent control. Look for these ads!

We are a local group of your neighbors and we want to appeal to your generosity and better angels and ask you to contribute a few bucks to help us advance the fight.   Any amount is greatly appreciated and will be used for further outreach to homeowner, housing providers, renters, Town Council members and policy makers regarding the consequences of extra rent control.

We rely on support from the community to help keeping Marin residents informed. We appeal to your generosity to keep us going.

Marin Residents in the Dick Spotswood Column in the IJ!

We are super excited to share that the Marin Residents PAC and our campaign to bring awareness to the issues of extra rent control, were mentioned in the IJ!

You can reach the article here.

Unfortunately, the columnist seems to be a bit uninformed. We wanted our supporters to know that while our PAC is quite young, our commitment to informing the greater Marin community about the unintended negative consequences of extra rent control runs deep.

We wanted to share with our supporters an open letter to the columnist. And we also wanted to extend a heart-felt ‘Thank you’ to all of the wonderful people who have reached out with their written and financial support for us and our efforts. For all of those who have been unreasonably tarnished in public, stay strong, we know how you feel.

Thank you for your support while we reach out and inform Marin County residents.

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